Shower Gel For A Spa-Like Experience



Miss going to a spa for that refreshing experience? Well, how about you have a similar kind of experience in your own homes? All one would need is not any harsh soap but a luscious shower gel instead. Body Cupid, introduce you to shower gels infused with essential oils, fragrances and vitamins, of course! Here are the varieties of those luscious shower gels that you would need this summer.

Body Cupid Balinese Mango Shower Gel

Not just a spa experience but with this specific shower gel one is granted a tropical experience right in their shower. Thanks to the pure and premium Balinese Mango Seed Oil, which also is proven deeper skin nourishment and hydration.

Body Cupid Citrus Love Shower Gel

You wouldn’t know but you’re only a step away from having a luxurious experience. A Citrus shower gel that comes with a tangy twist and is sure to wash those stress thoughts away with its fruity refreshing fragrance.

Body Cupid Cherrylicious Shower Gel

The anxiousness that we are going through in times like this where we are working from home, basically quarantined is common to experience. But what can keep you separate from the lot is a richly lathering shower gel blended with natural cherry seeds and peach kernel oils too! One is definitely to feel the bliss of tender skincare with this shower gel, reducing the acne spots and patchiness formed over a while.

Body Cupid Berrylicious Shower Gel

Go berries in your shower with a shower gel infused with three pure and superb fruit oils – Strawberry Seed Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil & Cranberry Seed Oil! It’s not only the luscious fruity fragrance that’ll blow your mind but also it’s rich skin-loving essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that do justice to skins of all types.

Body Cupid Wild Strawberry Shower Gel

For those who wish to keep their moisture intact and to have unparalleled skincare, we’ve got you a shower gel with natural strawberry seed oil blended with some shea butter. And the enticing fragrance this mixture has is sure to get you relaxed.



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