Scrub Away All Your Worries With Luscious Range Of Body Scrubs From Body Cupid


In the hectic and overworked state of work from home, the invigorating experience of massage in a salon seems like a dream we crave for. Carve out a little ‘me-time’ for yourself away from the heavy workday for the satisfaction & comfort of exfoliating in our homes to make it one of the most relaxing moments to cherish. With Body Cupid’s Body Scrubs, you can exfoliate and enjoy the time of your life. 


 Body Cupid Chocolate Face and Body Scrub

Enriched with fine walnut shell powder, premium cocoa butter, and cocoa powder, it not only removes dirt, impurities, and dead cells, it also reduces signs of premature aging and reveals younger and firmer skin from underneath. Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter present in the scrub are loaded with caffeine and antioxidants. It boosts blood circulation and neutralizes harmful free radicals to slow down skin aging. The Cocoa Butter is an excellent moisturizer that nourishes and softens the skin.


Body Cupid Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

Enriched with activated charcoal, argan oil, and walnut shell powder, it gently removes toxins, pollutants, dirt, excess oil, and dead cells to leave your skin clean, glowing, and silken smooth.


 Body Cupid Coconut Milk Body Scrub Polish

Its gentle foaming formulation lifts away dead skin and hidden impurities to reveal fresh and radiant skin from underneath. It is infused with pure Coconut Milk Extract, rich in nourishing lauric acid plus vitamins C & E for advanced free-radical-fighting power, it also delivers deep moisturizing, super smoothing, and anti-aging protection to the skin. 


Body Cupid Coffee Body Scrub

It has coffee extract and strawberry seed extract – both loaded with antioxidants – to give your skin ample support for minimizing sun damage, fine lines, and age spots. Coffee powder and walnut shell powder gently help exfoliate away dead cells and impurities. These also boost blood circulation to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. 


 Himalayan Rose Gold Scrub

This precious body scrub gives your skin a pampering exfoliation experience that removes dead cells, dirt, and old sebum, and leaves your skin looking visibly cleaner and deliciously smoother. Rosewater tones, hydrates and refreshes your skin. Fine gold mica enhances its radiance. Walnut Shell Powder gently unclogs pores and removes sebum and dead cells. Vitamin E tackles pollutants to slow down signs of aging.


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