Blum with Häfele introduces LEGRABOX Pure!


Blum with Häfele introduces LEGRABOX Pure! 

Blum, an international manufacturer of furniture fittings along with Hafele launches its elegant box system LEGRABOX Pure.

LEGRABOX pure is a slim, sleek and streamlined design which delivers top quality motion and offers enormous scope for design. AMBIA-LINE, the special inner dividing system for LEGRABOX, consists of elegant frames that beautifully organise furniture interiors throughout the home.LEGRABOX can be used for any application in any part of the home.

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The elegance of LEGRABOX is characterized by its sleek, straight-cut design and use of fine materials such as stainless steel with anti–fingerprint coating and steel with matt coatings in various colours. Blum has developed a new runner to deliver a particularly high quality of motion. LEGRABOX not only boasts a minimalist design but also excels in terms of technical features such as a synchronized feather-light glide for an even smoother running action. BLUMOTION is tried and tested and ensures LEGRABOX pure to close softly and effortlessly. Blumalso offers SERVO-DRIVE (electric) opening system which provides enhanced opening ease. There is a inspirational new motion technology by the name of TIP-ONBLUMOTION which combines two functions in one: easy one-touch opening (TIP-ON) and soft and effortless closing (BLUMOTION).

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Commenting on the LEGRABOXfrom Blum,Mr. Jürgen Wolf, Managing Director, Häfele India Pvt. Ltd says, “With the launch of Blum’s LEGRABOX, Häfelealways aims at bringing internationally acclaimed and innovative hardware and kitchen fitting solutions to consumers. Häfele is committed to identify and understand the specific needs of customers, architects and interior contractors across segments and provide them with desired fitting solutions.LEGRABOX by Blum has an elegant appearance which underlines the importance of quality and design”

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Commenting on the LEGRABOX from Blum, Mr. Martin Herr, Managing Director of Blum, India says, “With the launch of LEGRABOX, Blum has been focused on getting the best out of its products. The LEGRABOX Pure is an innovative and elegant box system which has a top quality motion and offers enormous scope for the implementation of new design trendsthat can be used in the entire home.”



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