Blogging Frenzy: A Chat With Foodie and her Feast


Anna Maria Sebastian gives an insight into her experience as a food blogger

Blogging seems to have become the norm today, especially for those who love to share their interests, ideas and opinions. The internet is loaded with bloggers and vloggers who consistently post updates on literally any topic under the sun – it could be cooking, baking, beauty, pet care, child care or even fashion. But how does it really work? RITZ interacts with popular bloggers from Kerala to find out what’s the frenzy all about!

Compiled by: Riya Sonny Datson 


Anna Maria Sebastian

Food Blog: Foodie and her Feast

Story behind the name of your blog:

I wanted a name that portrayed my love for food and the good food around me all the time. This one just struck right.

What prompted you to start a blog?

I used to google recipes to try at home. But I realised that most recipes were a miss rather than a hit. Then I would improvise the dish because you can’t just throw out food. So in 2012, I started by blog. Every recipe that comes on Foodie and her Feast has been tested and retested in my kitchen at least 3 times, to ensure that no disappointments happen to my readers.

What is the one thing you love about cooking?

Cooking what I love, it gives me peace of mind! For me, it is almost like going to a spa, makes me refreshed mentally and physically.  The best part though, is in the end, when you get to eat what you have made!!!

What is the one thing you love about blogging?

It is really touching when people message you saying they tried this dish from your blog and it turned out awesome. Their family loved it. It is like, in a small, little minute way, somewhere you are making a difference to someone’s life!

Tell us about your first experience as a food blogger.

Well life as a food blogger was quiet, until I started reviewing restaurants. People, especially restaurant owners started recognising me.

What has been your most liked blog post till date?

That would be my chocolate cake recipe but that is unfortunately not on the blog anymore.

Any uncomfortable/quirky experience as a food blogger?

Yes, many, over and over. Surprisingly, I have had many virus attacks on my blog which causes the data to crash and makes the site unable to anyone. So then I have to start from step one all over again, uploading all my previous recipes. This has happened 2-3 times.

How lucrative is food blogging?

I don’t do sponsored blogging. Only plain honest reviews about restaurants and recipes to try on your own.

Do you think photographs are important for a blogger? How do you handle photography?

Oh yes, they are important and I struggle with it on a regular basis. I mean, it is been 5 years and I still haven’t learnt. Photos are important to attract people to your blog, but supporting it with really good recipes are more important, coz ultimately people are here for the recipes and if those don’t work, then they won’t stick around either.

Most incredible food experience during a holiday

It was last year, my husband and I explored the culinary life of Philippines on our holiday. From lechon pork to crocodile meat and thin crust Italian pizza that had a 3 hour waiting line, we had it all!! It was such a gastronomically satisfying trip!

What’s on your bucket list as a blogger?

Italy!!!  I love pasta. It is my dream to visit its homeland and indulge in it day & night!!

Tips to an aspiring food blogger:

You will be faced with many challenges, lack of time being the most common. When I started, I was unemployed and had no kids, so you can imagine the time I had on my hands. Today, I am working, mother of 1 and expecting another next year, so the time I can spend on my blog has shrunk considerably. It will happen with you too, don’t be disheartened by it, it is okay to take a break once in a while!

Rapid fire:

  • Favourite Dish:  Pasta any day!!
  • Favourite Celebrity Chef: Curtis Stone
  • Favourite food show: MasterChef Australia
  • Favourite Cookbook: Joy of Cooking
  • Inspiration to cook: The desire or the drive to eat good Food!! 


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