BLK: Enjoy The Darkside – Pure Premium Hydration


Established in 2011, IRIIS Food an International supplier of gourmet groceries and high-end perishable products has introduced blk.Water into the Indian market.

blk, a combination of pure Canadian Spring water with naturally infused black fulvic minerals gives the water its black colour.

blk is an alkaline water with pH level between 8-9 and contains 77 trace minerals with electrolytes and anti-oxidants.

blk alkaline water with its pH level between 8-9 helps to regulate the highly acidic diet by providing a source of alkaline and neutralising it. In addition, the natural fulvic minerals present helps in the overall wellness of our body.

The lack of artificial dyes and additives make blk. a naturally enhanced rehydration and energy booster.

The MRP of the product is INR 260 per bottle.



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