‘Black String’ plays for the first time at Phoenix MarketCity



Popular Korean band ‘Black String’ plays for the first time at Phoenix MarketCity

Black String2

Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai’s premium destination for shopping, dining and live entertainment, witnessed a high energy music event rendered by Black String, a new age Korean music band hosted by INKO Centre. Being their first performance in India, the mall was truly enraptured by the scintillating jazz-rock numbers delivered by the troupe.

Black String’s music internalizes a variety of musical expressions in traditional music, as well as harmonized melodies from Jazz and World music. The band consisted of Jean oh, the skilled guitarist, Aram Lee, Daegeum player, established percussionist Dongjin Shin and Min Wang Hwang, a versatile percussionist and Ajaeng player as well. Considered one of Korea’s regal rock quartets, the members of band were adorned in colorful costumes showcasing the trendy yet daring style of the artists.

Black String1

With splendid musicianship coupled with accurate instruments, all the songs rendered were clearly seen to be products of professional mastery. The Atrium at Phoenix MarketCity, was abuzz with music lovers and patrons of the mall who had gathered to curiously explore the on goings.

Black String

Patrons truly appreciated the resultant new sound that embraced traditional music as well as Jazz, reflecting a funky spontaneous blend. The performance showcased improvisation as an important aspect of Korean traditional music and attempted to create an exclusive language through its distinctive musical idiom. Although Chennaiites may be new to the genre of contemporary Korean music, patrons and music lovers alike appeared to clap along the novel and peppy tunes of the band!

In order to keep the awareness of the revered Korean martial form fresh in the mind of the spectators, the children of the Taekwondo club from INKO centre, displayed their affinity and mastery of the martial art; with a live demonstration of the sport, shortly before the commencement of the concert.

Taekwondo club from INKO centre
The skilled and well synchronised demonstration not only caught the rapt attention of the onlookers and audience who had gathered to attend the concert, but also showcased the diligence towards learning the venerated martial art form.

Mr. Noel Vessaoker, Center Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said “We are glad to associate with InKo Centre, in hosting the performance ‘Black String’. We wanted to give Chennaiites a chance to experience traditional Korean music, jazz and World music all in one! With a band like Black String, we are sure that the audience would be able to take home a pleasant and unique musical experience”.



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