Black Orchid Presents The Soul Experience


Black Orchid is where you get offline to make connections that are far more serendipitous and meaningful than what we’re used to. Black Orchid epitomizes its values through expressions of community-centric events, unique food & drinks, and more. Swing by ‘Black Orchid’ and be the first to experience the soulful & versatile voice of Anuj Dimri 6th October 2021.

Anuj Dimri “The Soul Experience” is led by Anuj Dimri who is an alumni Of the KM Music Conservatory founded by Dr. A R Rahman. He was an X-Factor Mumbai finalist and has experience of more than 12 years in the industry. The band also features some of the country’s most talented independent artists with Renin Raphael on Guitars, Mohammed Shoaib on Bass, Rahul Prakash on Drums & Percussion, & Rachintan Trivedi on Keys.

Anuj presents a perfect blend of popular Indian film music and innovating timeless classic melodies with modern musical arrangements. The lyrics and the melodies topped up with Anuj’s soulful voice bring back the unique beauty of the music from every era, ranging from the ’50s to every modern blockbuster song that you hear in today’s world.



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