Black Orchid Presents The Last Minute


The Last Minute is a cover band formed at the last minute in order to reign in the return of live music in Chennai. The band currently consists of Harini Iyer on vocals, Vikram Vivekanand on guitar, Siddharth Kumar on the keyboard, Siddhartha Ramanathan on bass, and Vishnu Reddy on drums; all stalwart musicians in their own right and staples in the Chennai music scene. Each member of the Last Minute brings their own influences together in a melting pot of stylistic identity.

The Last Minute plays a wide variety of covers spanning multiple generations and genres. Black Orchid presented an eclectic group of musicians who have made a tribute to the classics and contemporaries’ performance alike!

Black Orchid has come across unique individuals, masters of their trade and craft, and has brought them together to create a unique charm. With the sole aim of creating an experience unlike any other, Black Orchid is persistent on perfection with precision when it comes to the culinary art and artisan cocktails that they create for you along with vibes that are parallel to none.



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