Biswa Kalyan Rath – Stand Up Comedy at Verba Maximus



Verba Maximus is the National Literary Festival of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Every year, thousands of literary fanatics come over to the fest and enjoy a melange of literary events.


As part of this Literary Festival, they are hosting a stand-up comedy show that the bibliophiles can attend and relax after spending the day at the festival. This year, Verba Maximus will be seeing Biswa Kalyan Rath doing a stand-up comedy show. He has amassed great popularity in recent times; working his way up in the business, in addition to being famous for his YouTube show Pretentious Movie Reviews. The fest, and comedy show are open to all and entry to both are exclusive of each other.


Where: BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, Jawahar Nagar, Shameerpet Mandal, Hyderabad

Date & Time: January 31, 2016; 06:00 PM

Entry Pass: Rs. 300



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