Bid bye-bye to your belly bulge


If you want to lose your belly fat forever then here’s help at hand

Our workaholic-loving, forever-wired fast-paced life cycles are taking a toll on our health. The waist lines seem to be getting bigger, thanks to our sedentary lifestyles, where we’re spending more time on our screens than exercising. Now you can get your belly fat fixed with simple and effective procedures at Pearl Health. Despite going through a strict diet and exercise you’re not able to get rid of that belly fat, then the next safest bet would be to undergo liposuction. Tummy tucks have been common and not only celebrities and stars, but regular working professionals are also trying out to stay ahead of their game.

There are a lot of myths around surgeries. Undergoing a surgery is not meant only for those who want to look and feel good, but it also serves great medical purposes. Medical professionals have learnt to isolate and identify “problem spots” and fat from these spots are targeted and removed. Liposuction is the occurrence of the dreaded “problem spots” after a certain age, in men and women, that cannot be easily addressed using conventional techniques of exercise and diet. Liposuction surgery is a vital part of the body contouring process and goes a long way in transformation of body image. It comes handy especially if you’re going to be a bride or a groom soon. One of the most important things to note is that liposuction surgery is not a part of a weight loss programme.

Dr. Sasikumar Muthu MCh – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, MS – General Surgery Hospital Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Pearl Health delves into a wide gamut of corrective surgical procedures, to help achieve a positive body image. Dr Sasikumar agrees, “Despite looking bad for cosmetic reasons, having a big belly also has adverse effects medically. Increased size of stomach can lead to increased risk of diabetes, increase in blood pressure and heart problems. It adds weight to the anterior part and strains the spine leading to lower back ache. The under surface of large tummy skin is a challenge to cleanse leading to repeated infections.”

Citing reasons for increase waistline, Dr Sasikumar adds, “Internal fat which can be reduced with diet and exercise only and external fat with less of internal fat can be managed by tummy tuck surgery. One has to identify if they need to go in for liposuction or not. Anyone looking to improve their shape in a specific area like abdomen, thighs or arms with no unrealistic expectations of weight loss can go in for liposuction, which is a safe and tested surgery. One has to continue exercises and proper diet to stay in shape. Post weight loss if your body still needs sculpting or to remove any resistant fat that’s refusing to shed then this can be addressed by a cosmetic surgeon at Pearl Health. We also have nonsurgical liposuction dissolving methods for smaller areas that are equally safe.”

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Body Contouring are just a few steps away now. Thanks to modern and scientific innovations, we live in times when we have all the amenities and science to sculpt every aspect of our body contour and reshape the body to our desired shape.

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