Special Support Helpline For Pregnant COVID-19 Patients


Bhoomika Trust, a Chennai-based disaster relief organisation known for its work during from Gujarat earthquake, through Tsunami and 2015 floods and for COVID-19 initiatives since 2020, and Seethapathy clinic have launched a joint initiative a dedicated Whatsapp-based helpline for pregnant COVID-19 patients in-home quarantine. The Seethapathy Clinic & Hospital and their gynaecologists headed by Dr. Uma Ram are available for free telemedicine consultations. One can contact 9150890777 for the service.

Speaking on the initiative, Bhoomika Trust trustee Rinku Mecheri said, “The highly experienced team at Seethapathy Clinic & Hospital is led by Dr. Uma Ram and Dr. Shobana Mahadevan. This public service initiative by Bhoomika Trust aims to create accessible assistance for patients over the phone, and possibly provide medical services as required as well.”

Speaking on the service provided, Dr. Uma Ram added, “The doctors at Seethapathy Clinic & Hospital have had almost a year and a half of helping expectant mothers with coronavirus infections. We have seen a wide variety of cases and understand the unique challenges and concerns faced by pregnant COVID-19 patients. We aim to provide knowledgeable support so that the patient and her caregivers can make timely decisions about treatment and recovery.”



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