Bhatkal cuisine at JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru


JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru in their quest to always present the most authentic and unique of experiences, has tied up with Chef Pin (India’s leading platform for expert home chefs) and home-chef Fathima Riyaz, to introduce guests to the forgotten flavours of the Bhatkal cuisine. Revel in the culinary soiree at JW Kitchen for dinner and Sunday Brunch from September 9th-11th 2022.

Home Chef Fathima Riyaz under the guidance of Executive Chef Mahesh Kini will showcase the signature dishes of Bhatkal cuisine, a coastal town in Karnataka. The special menu includes dishes such as Sesame Veg Toast, Baked Beef, Mutton Cutlets, Vermicelli Biryani, Fish prepared in coconut curry, Bhatkal Khichdi, Prawn red curry using lonmeri, and more. To end the rich meal, there will be a selection of luxurious desserts that have been designed to be light on the palate. From Dill baked pudding to Bread baked pudding to Caramel baked pudding, these are flavours filled with nostalgia.

Fathima who started with cooking for her family, graduated to taking orders for neighbours in Richmond Town and now has a fan base across the city of Bengaluru. The Chef Pin app is India’s leading platform for home chefs and home bakers operating across Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi NCR offering pre-order and same-day delivery. The platform has been designed as a one-stop shop where people can find local, authentic and home-cooked meals. The home chef pop-up event is a platform for introducing and showcasing home chefs and their delectable cuisine to a larger audience.

“Bhatkal which is on the Arabian Sea was one of the major trading ports and saw a lot of traders from Iran and Yemen who over time settled here and married. This gradually influenced the culture, food and gave rise to this unique cuisine the small town boasts of today” said Fathima Riyaz who was encouraged by her daughter to share her culinary talent with the community.

The special menu is available during dinner on the 9th & 10th and Sunday Brunch on 11th September at JW Kitchen. The dinner buffet is priced at INR 2,150 plus taxes and the brunch buffet is priced at INR 3,250 plus taxes per person.

For more information and reservation, please call: +918884494037



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