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RITZ speaks to desiTraveler to on travel, blogging & life as a globetrotter

These travel bloggers aim to give you the most updated info and tips on major travel destinations across the world. Their job might seem like the one you desperately want, but travelling to earn a living is not as rosy or picturesque as it may seem. RITZ speaks to four of South India’s most visible travel bloggers to understand how their life is not just one endless holiday.

Prasad NP 

Facebook: +10,000

Twitter: +5,000

Place that you call home?

The third rock from Sun – aka Earth

How do you manage to fund your travels? 

Most of the trips that I write about on my blog are self-funded trips, with the occasional family trips that sneak in.

The first trip that you remember and how old were you? 

Honestly, I don’t remember much about the trip, I think I was just a couple of years old at that time. All I remember about the journey was that we were travelling by train. I’m not even sure to where.

The best trip you’ve take so far? 

As filmy as it sounds, the best trip was to Switzerland with my wife. The memories of the trip are still fresh.

Funny travel stories

You should read my blog post on “Working Donkeys of Petra”. The post was written after my trip to Petra, Jordan.

Petra was a secret city lost from the eyes of most outsiders and only local Bedouins know about its existence. This city has a long association with donkeys and the moment you enter Petra, you will see Bedouin jockeys asking you if you need a ride to the summit.

Well, I decided against taking a donkey on my trek to the hilltop and was privy to these beautiful (to be read as cute) animals that have a mind of their own and keep a close watch on tourists!

What’s on your bucket list?

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The one country you want to visit? 


Explain the choice of your blog name 

Well, that is pretty simple. I am a desi at heart and love travel hence ‘desi Traveler’

Why do you write?  

I write because nobody listens to stories anymore. So it is better to write and the let the universe spread it around.

How lucrative is travel blogging? 

Travel is something I do for fun and so I have never attached a monetary value to it.

What has been your most liked blog post till date? 

I think it will be this blog post about How to book Tatkal train tickets. The article has been shared more than 47000 by readers.

Favourite mode of transportation

I love self-drive trips, which is closely followed by train travel. However, for international travel a flight is essential.

Most creative thing you have done to save money on a trip?

I always try to book hotels which offer complimentary breakfast. That way I can stuff myself in the morning; have a light lunch on the go and save some money.

How often do you travel? 

Not as much as I would like to.

Rapid fire 

Favourite food: Missi Roti with veggies 

Favourite language: Korean (It’s not like I understand a word of it but I just love the sound of it)

Favourite city: San Francisco in USA 

Favourite country: India

Travel music playlist: Bollywood

Most overrated city: Yet to visit



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