Beyond Madras – The Story


Beyond Madras at The Dining Rooma restaurant reflecting authentic South Indian décor. The pièce de résistanceis a grand, ornate Grandma’s Door, which opens every evening heralding a saga of authentic dining styled after long forgotten recipes. There is kolam at the threshold, freshly drawn every evening. Strings of fresh jasmine lend an authentic South Indian touch.Inside the restaurant, there are South Indian accents by way of ornate pillars, mirror borders, chests of drawers.

The restaurant takes you to the 19th century food culture where guests would be able to relive their grandmother’s cooking style and taste.

There will be four signature live counters with visual food displays.

  • Tawa counter
  • Appam Counter
  • Steam zone
  • Beverage Station – with colourful sherbets.

The restaurant service team play their part in traditional outfit and food is served on freshly washed banana leaf spread on plates. Menus are presented in beautiful frames made out of silk sarees.


The Chef

At the helm of the culinary team is Executive Sous Chef, Balaji Natarajan, who has over 10 years of varied experience in the hospitality industry, working with Hyatt for the past more than 8 years. It is with Hyatt where he tuned himself to be a culinary expert. Balaji has lovingly crafted the menu forBeyond Madras at The Dining Roomwith his team, having culled out long lost recipes from the deep precinct of family household kitchens, sometimes working alongside family matriarchs.

The menu is a fine revival of forgotten recipes, the liberal use of nine different types of millets and a liberal dose of loving care that is the key ingredient of family recipes. Finishing a meal with frothy South Indian filter coffee and then, a betelnut leaf with condiments completes the entire dining experience.



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