Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without


Amar Ghanasingh Eternal Jewellery, unveils their Vintage line of classy sparkling diamonds

Amar Ghanasingh Eternal Jewellery’s exquisite pieces, created with brilliant cut-outs and sleek finishing resonate with elegance and timeless beauty.

Jewellery has been made for centuries in a variety of materials and styles and is still evolving today. The Vintage Jewellery Collection showcases pieces offering the very best in unique style, distinctly hand-crafted, vintage yet contemporary and ultra modern appeal with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Jewellery lovers can experience the vintage assemblage of rings, chokers, bracelets made of precious diamond, sea pearls, rubies and sapphire stone with intricate designs stipulating sophistication and class from Amar Ghanasingh. The hot pick to try is the classic choker style selections; you will find colours from sleek to bold and styles from the petite and delicate to the big and eye catching!

Commenting on the same, Amar Ghanasingh says, “My collection is all about resurrecting vintage jewellery with a modern twist. I have used and combined uncut diamonds with emeralds, rubies, sea pearls and carved idols to cultivate a contemporary feel while retaining the style, classic and timeless appeal of historic jewels.”

Amar Ghanasingh Eternal Jewellery offers jewellery for all occasions from weddings to festivals and everyday wear.

 Store address: 

Amar Ghanasingh Eternal Jewellery 

60, Zariwali Mansion, Hughes road, Mumbai

Contact: 02223630000

Time: 10.30 am- 7.30 pm



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