Bestowing kids with bright futures


NGO Christel House is striving to better the futures of underprivileged kids. The Bangalore based NGO was recently endorsed by Deloitte for nurturing impoverished kids from kindergarten to class 12 and beyond.


In a multi week assessment study on the effectiveness of the education approach for the poor, Deloitte published that a student starting in kindergarten at Christel House India is 8 times more likely to successfully complete the grade 12 pre-university examination and 19 times more likely to graduate from a tertiary education program when compared to a Government school student.

The College & Careers program by Christel House, which provides career guidance, scholarships and assistance with job search appeared to be wider in scope and more structured than that of the other NGOs.

According to Raju Shahani, MD, Christel House India, “Children do not choose to be born into poverty. Christel House’s holistic education and development model is designed to transform lives. We focus on the total child – educating, feeding, providing healthcare, from childhood to adulthood. Deloitte’s study is a validation of our efforts.”

The study also noted that students at Christel House Bangalore are over 25% more likely to pass the Class 10 examination, and 50% more likely to pass the Class 12 examination than students of government schools serving a similar demographic. The school had outperformed the State’s pass percentage both for Class 10th examination last year.

Deloitte observed that Christel House Bangalore’s cost per student appeared to be higher than a private school due to a lower student- teacher ratio, however the cost to produce one PUC graduate was far lower than that for government schools. Analysis of teacher related statistics of Christel House Bangalore reveals a better qualified base, with higher attendance records and a lower attrition rate compared to national benchmarks for government and private schools.



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