7 Times Sai Pallavi Charmed Us With Her Amazing Performance


Sai Pallavi instantly charmed us in her Malayalam blockbuster debut Premam. She is the natural beauty who broke all the stereotypes of how an actress should look, right from being glamorous to that flawless beauty. Sai Pallavi is the epitome of elegance and she stole our hearts with her amazing dance moves. As the beautiful actress turns a year old, here we look at the 7 mesmerizing performance of Sai Pallavi.


Sai Pallavi, who plays the guest lecturer Malar, threatens to steal the show. She portrays a young lecturer tentatively seizing upon love for her student, conveying missives through her eyes that move like a ballerina. She was the perfect teacher/lecturer crush who stole the show with her elegance and charm. 


Kali sees Sai Pallavi play the role of Anjali, a happy girl who is married to Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan). Anjali, who forgives easily, and a quick-to-apologize Siddharth work things out one at a time. But as the story goes, you realize love isn’t enough all the time. She is that calm wife who deals with her husband’s anger and tries to keep the home happy. 


As Bhanumathi, Pallavi stood out in this film like never before. Bhanu is as independent in her thoughts as she is attached to her family and village. She is a confident woman who loves as fiercely as she argues her point of view and runs to catch trains with as much gusto as she drives a tractor, was no different. 

Maari 2 

Araathu Aanandi, the auto driver, is unlike any other character Sai Pallavi has played in her career. The scenes featuring her and Maari especially the Rowdy Baby song are the film’s highlight. They are the ones that actually capture the sense of fun that the first film had in its spirit.


In NGK Sai Pallavi, plays the role of Geetha whose character is very one-dimensional. She supports her husband blindly in his decisions, but when something he does puts her off, she breaks and launches into beast mode. She portrays herself as that over-possessive wife. 

Padi Padi Leche Manasu

Vaishali is a reasonably smart medical student who falls for a young man and struggles to cope up with the relationship as she is been diagnosed with amnesia. She is that free-spirited girl who lives her life to the fullest.


Sai Pallavi plays Thulasi, the mother of Diya who gets aborted. She encounters a series of accidents caused by the baby. Sai Pallavi comes up with a competent performance, both as the mother who pines for her lost child, and the wife who is frantically trying to save her husband.



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