Must Have Lipstick Shades



Who does not like looking their best. We all just love lipsticks and cannot pass a single day without it. And this is exactly why a lipstick can’t be picked just at random. So, here is a list of must-have lipstick shades for all the beautiful ladies out there.

  1. Nude Lipstick

This is a versatile color casual yet classy. It’s a go-to option which can be worn on a casual outing, or to an evening occasion like at a party and hence I say it is a must-have lipstick shade.

  1. Pink Lipstick

Pink is tagged to be a girly color. It goes well with all skin tone every woman can carry off pink lipsticks like a pro. Choosing the right shade is tricky as you must pick them according to your tone. The paler you are the more light pinks you should opt for and vice versa.

  1. Brown Lipstick

This shade never goes out of fashion. It’s a stand out color perfect for all the party lovers and the ones experimenting with colors. Tune it with right clothes as not every piece of clothing suits brown lipsticks.

  1. Red Lipstick

Red lipstick never goes outdated for once. Be it from Hollywood or Bollywood every star has worn this gorgeous shade. Different shades of reds, some dark, some light, matte are available which gives a retro look or a modern chic look, depending on the hairstyle and the type of dress.

  1. Coral Lipstick

If you’re a teenager or someone who has just started using makeup coral lip shade is a must-have. This shade has the amazing ability to be eye-catching and yet delicate at the same time. A very feminine shade. The best about it coral shades are ideally available for every skin tone.




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