Benjarong celebrates ‘Loi Krathong Festival’ to mark new beginnings


Benjarong celebrates ‘Loi Krathong Festival’ to mark new beginnings

Benjarong, a prominent Thai restaurant in Chennai, celebrates the Thai festival, Loi Krathong, at its restaurant on TTK Road until 29th November. This festival that is indigenous to Thailand marks the end of a good year and indicates new beginnings.

Loi Krathong takes its name from the words ‘loi’ which means to float, and ‘krathong’ which stands for small baskets or rafts. The traditional krathong, made from banana leaves, contain incense, lotus flowers and candles which are lit and set to float in water. It is believed that the krathong carries away bad luck and signals a fresh start when people make wishes as their krathong floats away. This festival is celebrated on a full moon day in November when people get together to wish for a better future.

Satay Je

The menu for the Loi Krathong festival includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies that are traditionally served during the festival in Thailand. Some of the highlights of the menu are Goong pahd nopa kao (wok tossed prawns with exotic vegetables in light soya sauce), khanaeng tod namprik pow (crispy fried brussels sprouts tossed in thai roasted chilli paste and sweet basil), hua bua tod prik tai on (Crispy fried fresh lotus root tossed with chilli, thai basil leaves & tender pepper corn) and many more scrumptious Thai delicacies which are sure to gratify Chennai folks. The menu also includes authentic mocktail like Dragon berry (dragon fruit blended with assorted berries), soup such as Guaytiew naam sai (Thai noodle clear soup with rice sticks flavored with garlic and celery, coriander leaves with choice of vegetables, Prawn and Chicken) and salad namely Somtam farang (Chiang mai’s original spicy guava salad with choice of vegetables or prawns with cashew nut ) etc. They are also offering hand-crafted desserts like Khao niew dahm  (Thai sweetened black sticky rice with litchis in coconut cream sauce), Nung khek kluey (Crystal steamed banana cake served with tender coconut ice cream & coconut cream sauce).

Benjarong is located at No. 146 TTK Road, Chennai. Reservations for the Festival can be made at 2432 2640.

Key information:

Restaurant Timing: Lunch 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Dinner 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Price starting range Rs. 300 upwards
Average meal for two Rs. 1700 + taxes

About Oriental Cuisines:

Oriental Cuisines Private Limited (OCPL) was originally founded by foodie, professor, restaurateur & entrepreneur M. Mahadevan in May 1994 under the name of Chaitanya Gourmet Splendour Private Limited. It was later renamed Oriental Cuisines Private Limited in March 1997. While the name might indicate a leaning towards all things Asian, their global cuisine brings the finest flavours of the world to connoisseurs. Oriental Cuisines’ brands include The French Loaf, Le Chocolatier, The Tapas Bar and Restaurant, Benjarong, Teppan, Ente Keralam, Wangs Kitchen, China Town and Planet Yumm.



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