Bengaluru gets Crafted Tonic Water


SVAMI, India’s first crafted and natural tonic water is now available in Bengaluru. Svami will be sold through the leading city retail network chains and also be available at known city restaurants and hotels. After a successful few months in Mumbai, the crafted tonic water is set to delight the new generation of spirit aficionados of Bengaluru. Positioned as a standalone special crafted drink or a complementary enhancer for other spirits, Svami was launched over a tasting session hosted by Sahil Jatana, CEO & Co-founder, Svami, held at Social, Church street.

The adult beverage company attributes the initial encouraging success to its’ strong foundation of the all-natural ingredients, low sugar mix and fully controlled production and bottling facility at Mumbai,  which allows them to make dynamic iterations to products that have long existed in the market and meet market demand. The Company ethos of experimentation and education are the valuable product innovation aids challenging the routine and lifestyle impacting options.

Commenting on this launch, Sahil Jatana, CEO & Co Founder of Svami said, “We are very excited to be in the silicon city, a big playground for fusion of cultures. Our tonic water is crafted to match the palettes of the new age consumer looking for newer experiences. We want to delight them with unimaginable options of flavours and fusion drinks. For us, production is a craft and we are continuously working towards developing new flavours and product possibilities for all occasions!”, he added.



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