Bengali Restaurant Esplanade Unveils Poila Boishak Special Menu


Bengali restaurant Esplanade unveils the Bengali New year menu celebrating the year 1428 in the Bengali Calendar. New clothes, feasting on delicacies, and getting together with friends and family are how April 15th is generally marked. Keeping the current situation in mind, the restaurant has given the option of getting the Maha Bhoj home or dining in batches on a pre-book basis at the restaurant.

The menu designed by Chef & Owner Subhankar Dhar consists of 20 different items ranging from Fish Orly, Vegetable Chop, Chitol Macher Muitha, Daab Chingri, Mutton Dakbunglow, Echorer Kofta Curry, Panchforon Potol, Luchi, Baked Mihidana, Icecream Sandesh and much more.

So this Nobo Borsho, experience Bengali cuisine at its best and raise a toast with Aam Pora Sharbat to new beginnings!



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