Bengali Food at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel


The Bengaluru Marriott Hotel, Whitefield is organizing a mouth-watering ‘Bengali Food festival’.  Setting the mood for the festive season, M Café at Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield is offering guests a chance to indulge and experiment with dishes from Bengal. While Bengali cuisine is known for its desserts and sweets, M Café offers much more than that.


Vintage Bengali dishes like Bekti Bhapa, a steamed fish preparation made in mustard and coconut paste gravy, Shukto, a plethora of vegetables, cooked in the most unique spices with creamy milky gravy with the slightest hint of sweetness, will be available to stimulate guests’ taste buds. Do not miss Basanti Pulao, Basanti, literally means a shade of yellow, it is the color of spring. The basanti pulao is slightly sweet in taste because of the use of sugar in it and so it goes well with very hot and spicy curries.

The popularly known and famously authentic Daab Chingri and Kosha Mangsho will also feature in the menu and will bring the essence of Bengali cuisine to the guests dining at M Café. In addition to the authentic food, the Bengali Festival at M café will also witness a live Pooja, music and dance performances as well as beautiful art gallery to bring alive the spirit of Bengal.

Speaking about the festival, Chef Mahesh, Executive Chef, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield said, “Bengali cuisine is often limited to its fish preparation and sweets but there’s so much more that it offers. This festival will be a surprise to every guest. The buffet will offer a little something to non-vegetarians, vegetarians as well as those who love to indulge in sweets and desserts.”

Where: M Café, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield

When: Oct 17th – 22nd, 2016

Timings: Lunch: 12:30 hrs.  –  2:30 hrs. , Dinner:  7:00 hrs. – 10:30 hrs.

Price: Lunch Buffet @ INR 1050 + taxes per person, Dinner Buffet @ 1550+ taxes per person




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