Being Bespoke: Sudeepini Chintalapati


Offering a list of local men’s designers who’re known for their made-to-measure clothing

By Anahita Ahuja

Men all over the world today, are extremely aware of the way they present themselves – be it their accessories, clothes, shoes, hair or stubble. With the fashion scene growing leaps and bounds, how could our Hyderabadi ones be left behind? They too, seem to have become more conscious with time. Thanks to which, the city is seeing a boom of local designers who with their creative teams, spends endless hours, getting the details right for their clients to get a garment that befits their style.

We put together a list of some of the most successful and preferred creators of bespoke collections, who are working very hard to improve the current scene of menswear in the city. Apart from their talent, they’re a hot favourite with the men in town, because they are exceptionally good listeners. They hear every word of what you say and want from your garment‚ then add their own creative input based on your needs and with their expertise‚ deliver results that will more than meet your expectations.

Read on to know who they are…

 “We try and combine the old school personal service with today’s technology to deliver high quality custom clothing. 

Brand Name: Habito

Designer: Sudeepini Chintalapati

Current trend: Bold checkered suits or jackets teamed up with a pop of colour. Bold and primary colours are where it is at, and colour blocking with clashing shades is an effective way of wearing this trend.

Favourite creation so far: We take pride in each and every creation of ours, especially because every single piece has a great deal of work that goes into its making.

While designing, you… always keep in mind the customer’s taste and body frame.


On taking designing cues from the past: You always see a recurrence of trends in fashion. As they say “what goes around, comes around” and it is very apt in terms of fashion. We strive to take strong cues from the past and blend them with the present elements giving it a sartorial tone.

Advice to experimental, fashionable men: Experimenting with your look is always a welcome change. It helps you explore your personality, experience your bolder side by coming out of comfort clothing. As a creative person from the industry, I would always encourage trying out new trends while giving utmost care and details to fit, form, fabric and finish.



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