Beautiful Bride Kajal Aggarwal gets Candid


The Beautiful Bride Kajal Aggarwal speaks to RITZ Magazine in a candid interview about the love of her life and her passion for acting.

Kajal Aggarwal has entered a new phase in her life. She gave her first interview to RITZ Magazine after getting hitched to Gautam Kitchlu recently. With lots going on in her life, the gorgeous damsel who has been making headlines for her roaring success in Kollywood and Tollywood, is back to her busy schedule post her intimate wedding recently. The stunning and talented award-winning star opens up in a candid interview with Namita Gupta.

How was the experience getting married in these pandemic times when you couldn’t have a big fat Indian wedding that every girl dreams of?

Yes, it was a small wedding with just few of our immediate family and friends from both sides in Mumbai. The planning was stressful and hectic considering the fact that we had to maintain a lot of safety measures and protocols. But at the end of it all, it turned out great and I’m very grateful for that. A lot of love went into all the details. I’m actually happy that it was a private, intimate wedding with people who really matter.

How long have you known Gautam? In one of my previous interviews, I had asked you about your ideal man and you had mentioned someone with honesty, loyalty and integrity! And that you were not looking for a hunk. Tells us more about Gautam.

I met Gautam at a friend’s wedding. We have known each other for over eight years and have been good friends, but it was only recently that we realised that we truly are made for each other and decided to get married. The wedding plans happened quite rapidly and yes the wedding went by in a jiffy. We planned it only from June onwards and October 30th we got married. Sometimes we can’t even believe that we’re already married. It still feels like a dream. During the lockdown it was tough meeting each other. I signed up for a few online courses during the lockdown and also did some regular cooking and home maintenance. I’m obsessive about cleanliness. We could hardly meet during the lockdown. That’s why we are very happy that we’re living together right now. I like everything about him and he likes everything about me as well. We both really appreciate the fact that we are both very understanding of each other’s work. He runs a design label Discern Living which is an interior design and home decor venture. Since he’s passionate about design and decor, he has done up our home very beautifully. I had to only tell him how I would like it and it turned out even better than I had imagined it to be. What I really like about our relationship is that we prioritise each other’s commitments and we are always supportive of each other’s dreams.

What does he feel about your hectic schedules and a huge fan following?

He feels extremely proud about it. He’s a fabulous person, that’s why I married him. He’s also a phenomenal friend and I feel the most important pillar for any relationship is companionship, trust and friendship and I’m so grateful that I’ve found all these three in Gautam.

What are your holiday and honeymoon plans ahead?

I wish I had gone on a world tour with my husband, but unfortunately we’re living in a pandemic and it’s not possible right now and I’ll wait for the right time to do so. For now, we will make do with a short, quick getaway for like a week and come back to resume work. We are going to the Maldives. I do a lot of scuba diving and love adventure sports, but he gets claustrophobic with diving and can’t go underwater for too long. But I will surely do all of that. We will also go on a cruise.

How’s your work schedule looking like now that things are opening up slowly?

I’ve already resumed work and film shoots are on. I’m a workaholic and love my work. I continue to get back to work mode now in full swing after my short honeymoon break. I have quite a few releases on hand coming up. There’s a live telecast on an OTP Platform (Paris Paris). There’s also Mosagallu that will release in four different languages – English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. I also have Bharatheeyudu 2, Mumbai Saga, Indian 2, Thathaasthu, Merupu and Hey Sinamika which I start working on immediately post Diwali and yes there’s also Acharya that I’m looking forward to.

Who are your common friends in the industry or outside?

We have a lot of common friends outside the film industry These are people we have grown up with. He doesn’t really know people from the film industry. He knows some people via me and I have a fabulous professional relationship with my co-stars and the film fraternity and my husband is very supportive of my professional associations, but other than that we don’t have any common friends in the industry.

What is your association with the new brand you’re endorsing during these COVID times?

I want to be fearless as I embark on this new journey with a partner that’ll go all the way for me. In line with this, I had also written an open letter that called for a solution that’s strong enough to fight the new challenges of the new normal. Starting with a fundamental change in hygiene practices, I have opted for Nature Protect, the new brand that’s created to handhold me through the new reality of changing times. In the process of personally using this homecare brand, I have now become an advocate for it as I totally believe in it. Launched by Hindustan Unilever, their range of hygiene products are infused with neem extract and naturally derived active, specially formulated keeping the evolved needs for best in class germ protection. I have been using their disinfectant fruit & vegetable cleaner, germ removal wipes, laundry detergent, disinfectant floor cleaner and a disinfectant surface cleaner spray. They have a 360-degree approach to hygiene effective in, on and around our homes and us, thereby standing as a safe solution to deliver hygiene. Most importantly, we used all these products even at our wedding and took all the safety precautions. I’m now well prepared, determined to make better choices, leave behind every apprehension and take new challenges head-on.



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