Bar Council President shot dead


Darvesh Singh Yadav was the newly elected President of the Bar Council of Agra. She was elected to the post just two days ago only to be shot dead by a fellow lawyer within the premises of the Agra civil court. This brutal murder has sent shivers down the spine of many. If this is the plight of a custodian of law, what about the plight of the common man. The saddest part of it is that she was shot during her welcome ceremony in the Bar Council Chambers by her own associate Manish Sharma who gave her a send-off from the world itself.

He fired at her thrice with his licensed pistol and then shot himself. Ms. Yadav was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead. The assailant is in a critical condition . The Bar Council of India has condemned the murder and demanded for security for it’s members. It sought a compensation of Rs 50 lakhs for the family of the victim.



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