Banoffee Pie


This pie is delicious with a crispy biscuit base, addictive Dulce de leche, healthy bananas and the neutralizing cream!



1. 125 grams Digestive biscuits, crushed

2. 50 grams Melted butter

3. Dulce de leche – as required to fill the pie.

4. 2 ripe bananas cut as chips

5. 100 ml heavy whipping cream

6. Cocoa powder for Dusting


 A 1. 8 inch bottom removable pie mould.

 Makes one 8 inch Pie.

1. Mix the melted butter with the biscuits until it resembles wet sand. In the chosen pie plate, press down the biscuit mixture over the base and bottom sides up. Press down with your fingers and level them. (It’s always better to check the levels with your hands first before smoothening it!) Smoothen it with the help of a cup with a flat base.

 2. Refrigerate till required, a minimum of half hour.

 3. Remove the pie base carefully and set it on the serving plate before proceeding with the other steps.

 4. Pour the Dulce de leche gently onto the pie base, spreading to cover the entire pie base. (Don’t overdo it, you might not require the entire portion of Dulce prepared. Go by the eye and cover the pie to a height of a centimeter or a little more. Reserve the rest for licking!)

 5. Refrigerate to stabilize, may be 15 mins to half hour.Place the cut bananas on top of the Dulce layer. You can do either one next to each other or overlap them one on top of the other, in the circular pattern.

 6. Whip the cream to a stiff consistency. You can either spread the cream directly on top of it or pipe it with a nozzle to give it a beautiful look!

 7. Dust with cocoa and enjoy!

Preparation Method for Dulce de leche


1. 1 can milk maid

2. Sea salt

3. Water, as required.

 Special tools:

 1. Small ‘glass’ baking dish.

2. Bigger baking dishes (glass or aluminium, which would comfortably fit the small dish.)

3. Aluminium foil

Preparation Method:

1. Empty the can of condensed milk onto the small glass baking dish, sprinkle some sea salt on top, cover loosely with aluminum foil.

2. Place it in the bigger dish.

3. Pour water into the bigger dish, covering a little above half of the small dish.

4. Bake in a preheated oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 1 hour 30 minutes.

5. Watch the oven at one hour. Fill water if required. Bake till it is a dark caramel color and the condensed milk has tightened to Dulce consistency!

6. Wait for it to cool and use as required.

 Dulce can be used to make various dishes. Some really popular ones are the Banoffee Pie, Dulce de leche Brownies, Dulce tarts or just plain lick them! They are absolutely addictive, to say the least!



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