Baby born with mop of blonde hair


A baby born to UK couple Tatiana Doronina and her husband Russian did not have dark hair like them. Instead, he had a mop of blonde hair and some people compared him with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The baby named David was born on March 1 and the comparison was mentioned by the nurses in the hospital when he was born.

Now, three months later, his parents are stopped by strangers who comment on the baby’s hair. His mom even said that ” David is like a celebrity. Everyone is literally going crazy about his look. People make the comparison to Boris the minute they see him.”
David weighed 9lbs 10 oz at birth and everyone was surprised by the amount of hair he had and how blonde it was. In fact, his dad wanted to name him Boris after the comparison in the hospital but his mom refused. He was instead named David after the Welsh patron Saint, St. David as he was born on St. David’s day.
The couple are astonished and are wondering from where the blonde gene may have come from as nobody on either side of the family has blonde hair except for Tatiana’s mother who has fair hair.



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