Babaji Vidhyashram presents PONGAL Peruvizha – 2018


Babaji Vidhyashram orgaised Pongal Peruvizha, The most authentic and only rural festival on the IT Corridor (OMR) will be held at Sholinganallur on Friday, 12th January 2018. The celebrations started from 4 pm and concluded by 9.30 pm. The entire area transformed into a village like atmosphere by decorating the streets with thoranam, sugar cane & serial lights.

Village theme shops adorned the street setting with their name boards. There were many traditional forgotten rides for children to enjoy and parents to relive their own childhood. Traditional folk arts including therukoothu, mayil attam, puli attam etc.,  performed live during the event at various intervals. We also have a special Gramiya Paadal.  Entry free.

For more event information contact Pavan – 9840086335 – Organising committee member

Venue – Babaji Vidhyashram, 89-91, Classic Farms Road, Sholinganallur, Ch-119

Date – Jan 12th 2018, 

Time – 4.00 p.m onwards. 

The following are the special attractions.

Traditional Food

  • Goli Soda
  • Delhi Appalam
  • Molaga Bajji
  • Double Ice
  • Karumbu Juice
  • Thengaa Maanga Sundal
  • Panju Mittai
  • Thattu Kadai

Traditional Rides

  • Bullock cart rides
  • Ranga Raatinam
  • Balloon shooting
  • Pottery
  • Bioscope
  • Photo Kadai
  • Kili Josiyam

Village theme shops

  • Ethnic wear & goods
  • Bangles & Ribbons
  • Marudhaani
  • Traditional Toys
  • Cold press oil
  • Millets & Grains
  • Pattu Jawalee
  • Kites & Spinning top

Folk Art performances

  • Varaverpu Kuzhu
  • Mayil Aattam
  • Maadu Aattam
  • Puli Aattam
  • Naiyandi Melam
  • Thol Paavai
  • Theru Koothu
  • Graamiya Paadal


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