Baahubali Characters have shades of Mahabharat traits


Characters like, Baahubali, Bhallaladeva, Bijjaladeva, Sivagami, Kattappa and others have their own significance in ‘Baahubali’ film. Speaking about these characters the script writer of the film Vijayendra prasad said every character of the film has the shades of the characters of Mahabharat.

The writer said ‘Baahubali’ role has the shades of Arjuna and Srirama. Other characters which remind Mahabharat and Ramayan characters like Bijjala Deva-Shakuni, Sivagami with Kaikeyi and Kunthi, Bijjala Deva-Shakuni, Bhallala Deva with Ravan and Duryodhan and so on.

‘Baahubali 2’s shoot is underway. Young Rebel Star Prabhas, Rana, Anushka and Tamannah are playing the lead roles of the film. Keeravani has scored the music of the movie. The movie is being directed by Rajamouli on Arka Media Works.



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