The Importance Of Comfortable Lingerie While Working From Home: Aariz Ansari


Aariz Ansari, Founder of Azzaria talks about the importance of comfortable lingerie while working from home. Azzaria is a lingerie brand whose vision is to provide the best quality of lingerie for women as a symbol of empowerment and to allow women to utilize the best quality of undergarments for themselves, promoting a healthy image of self-care and self-awareness, which are important components of a woman’s life.

A woman is the keystone of a family. She adorns many roles like daughter, mother, wife, homemaker, etc, and fulfills them with perfection and great care. The COVID-19 crisis has escalated the obstacles they already stand to face in a majorly patriarchal society. In simpler terms, women during Corona are facing tougher challenges at home and work fronts and are trying to be the best at both fronts. This may sound extremely difficult, yet it’s actually happening. And they are executing both their job roles with utmost sincerity, dedication, and zeal maintaining a perfect blend of work and life. Hence it is even more important to add comfort to the clothing closest to their body, their Lingerie. From reducing hindrance in the movement to adding confidence to move freely, new age Lingerie reminds us that we’ve made a bit of progress from the days of corsets and skintight clothing.

Women, balancing their work home and lives as our superheroes, often tend to read between the lines and concentrate on small details. When discussing small details, we must take to note how their undergarments play an important role in boosting their confidence. This can be explained with a simple example, when a woman wakes up, depressed, anxious or worried about her day, a good pair of lingerie can help her brighten up her entire mood and help her begin the day with a blushful smile.

It is important to note that in the present era, there has been a significant change of pace regarding the definition of true body shape. In this regard, considering aspects of holistic body refinement, the definition of sexy has evolved. Currently, to working women, comfort levels are more important than looking better. The total image of a perfect human body and a well-shaped woman has changed. And it is true because when a person, whether a man or a woman, wears something and it gives them comfort, it automatically fills them with a juice of self-confidence and self-importance.

And with young Indian women, the more the comfort level is, the better the mental health state they are in. In the current generation where bullying and discrimination have taken advanced peaks, women especially young women are often concerned with various factors that greatly affect their mental health. This also includes their body shape and body health. However absurd it may sound, humans often tend to think a little more outside the box. The design and color choice of the lingerie is determined by the preference of the majority of the women, hence, being wide in range. Furthermore, we must move towards the use of materials like cotton and easy breezy materials that promote not only comfort but also flip the paradigm of a healthy body image.



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