Ayna at Hilton Chennai launches new menu with Chef Biswajit


Ayna, the pan-Indian specialty fine dining restaurant at Ayna launches a brand new menu by Chef Biswajit. The menu is a true amalgamation of India’s cultural diversity comprising of dishes from various states such as Maharashtra, Kerala, Bengal, Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and many more. Each dish is a true depiction and representation of its origin; hence, we have tried to bring all of these authentic elements into our new menu. The menu is a handmade piece of work inspired by Mandala Art, which is a distinguished art form where the artist creates abstract designs in usually circles and has one center point which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms. Also, the Mandala Art has been finely blended to depict various cultural elements of the states where the dishes have been inspired from.

“We are also delighted to introduce Chef Biswajit, who has brought with himself various handpicked recipes from around the country which you will experience today. Chef Biswajit carries with himself an enriching 21+ years of experience where he has travelled across the world and puts his experiences on the plate to be able to serve the best to his diners”, says Vinay Nair, General Manager at Hilton Chennai.



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