AWIM National Olympics for School Children held


184 School Students of Std. V, VI & VII qualified to participate in the Finals of the 8th AWIM National Olympics held in Chengalpattu on Saturday, 23rd Jan. Over 20,000 students from 22 cities participated in the prelims held all over India to qualify for the finals. AWIM incorporates the laws of physics, motion, flight and electronics into age-appropriate hands-on activities.

AWIM (1)

A World In Motion (AWIM) is a teacher administered, volunteer-assisted program that  helps School Children of grade 5th to 9th to understand Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in a practical way, thereby broadening the horizon of their learning.

AWIM (1)

The Winners at the 8th AWIM are:

JET TOY Event: Saupin’s School, Chandigarh. This team will represent AWIM India in the AWIM International Olympics at Detroit, U.S.A.

SKIMMER Event: Millenium School, Mohali, Punjab.



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