Avtar Careers help in empowering women

Avtar  Careers was formed in the year 2000 by Dr Saundarya  Rajesh in order to help women get second career opportunities after taking a break in their careers. It helps women to get back into the mainstream. Armed with a strong network of 3 5 lakh women professionals across the country, Avatar has revolutionalized the lives of women who are interested in a second innings in their career.
It has done about 15000 placements so far.  It was formed almost two decades ago by Saundarya who after taking a break in her career was offered a job in her former company with a 40 % pay cut from what she had been getting two years ago. She then took the plunge and formed Avatar with a logo of a butterfly which symbolised change. Avatar partners with more than 50 companies and conducts training programmes to make the workplace more conducive to women employees. Dr.Saundarya has been awarded with the “Winds of Change” award  in the individual category by the  University of St.Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


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