Author Prraveen Khumar N Launches His Latest Book ‘Battle For Power’


Author Prraveen Khumar N launches his second book Battle for Power, a fast-paced thriller published by Emerald Publishers. It has been launched at the Chennai Book Fair this year by Padma Shri Kamal Haasan.

Prraveen Khumar is a Chennai-based author, an alumnus of IIT Madras, and currently works for Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Ltd as Country Head – Property Valuations. He is an avid book reader, a trained singer and a huge cricket enthusiast, and an excellent leader in his professional life. His first book ‘An Incredible Indian Rescue’ was published in May 2020.

Battle For Power

When it comes to the goriest of the crimes, the offenders often mess up the evidence and fabricate a false diversion to mislead the investigators. As a consequence, many investigators get themselves entrapped into the deception and choose to close these cases presumptuously with the planted evidence that meets the eye. This act of jumping to conclusions, is usually due to their attention being in demand all the time by the ever-rising number of crimes and also they themselves not having enough competency and inclination to dig into the bottom of the case and unearth the truth. But Thilak Ratnagar has never addressed a case as presented-cause there is always more than what meets the eye!


On a day that started casually, all it took was a single call from the Commissioner asking him to investigate a dead body in a lake to turn his world upside down. What seemed like a suicide dragged him into a black hole of multiple high-profile murders, a personal involvement, and a national threat.



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