Australian women to raise awareness on green transport


With pollution being the order of the day, the need of the hour is to create a sustainable, low carbon future. Two women from Australia,  Tatia Rose and Claire Jenkins have set the ball rolling. They have come to India and will be embarking on a 1500 km journey from Chennai to Mumbai using a tuk tuk kind of three wheeler that is used in Thailand.

This vehicle has been converted into a solar cum electric vehicle by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. This Australian duo hope to create an awareness among people about the negative impact caused by burning of fossil fuels and the favourable options of using renewable energy. The tuk tuk vehicle is installed with Tesla batteries. The duo has already covered more than 3000 kms going through Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Victoria. The solar Tuk Expedition  also plans to cover Iran, Turkey, Europe and the U S.



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