Attack on Lionel Messi’s wife’s family store


Two men fired 14 bullets into the metallic facade of a closed supermarket belonging to the family of Lionel Messi’s wife in Rosario, Argentina in the early hours of Thursday. They also left a threatening message for Messi. The handwritten message left on the ground said ”Messi, we’re waiting for you. Javkin is a narco, he won’t take care of you.”

Pablo Javkin is the mayor of Rosario, the hometown of Messi. The supermarket is also located there. According to Javkin, the attack was done to create chaos in the city. There are pictures which show holes in a window of the supermarket. No one was hurt as the incident is said to have taken place around 3 in the morning. A witness confirmed seeing two men arrive on a motorbike, that one man got down, fired the shots, dropped the note and then both fled.
Messi is married to Antonela Roccuzzo and the couple have three children.



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