Atlee And Wife Priya Celebrate Their 6th Wedding Anniversary


Atlee Kumar celebrated his 6th wedding anniversary recently. The filmmaker and his wife Priya have been sharing adorable pictures as they posted love-filled wishes for one another on social media. While Atlee shared a picture where Priya was getting goofy, she posted pictures of her snuggling up to hubby. The two looked absolutely adorable in black and white outfits.

“Wer ever I look at, which ever side I look at it’s always been u and only u. I’m the person tat I’m because of u , I’m upset or happy the only shoulders tat is always by my side to lean to is u , the 1 st relationship that stands b4 us is friendship always , u ve never failed to stand by me as a friend anytime, I promise u wat ever it is in life v ll face it together positively and happily forever luv u soooo much papa @Atlee_dir, 6 years down forever to gooo,” she wrote alongside the pictures.

Meanwhile, Atlee posted pictures from their other romantic outing.  “Happy 6th wed anniversary @priyaatlee we have faced so many ups downs together in life,ur like a shock absorber u make the right balance & have guided me to take right decisions in life though ur still my kid my lovely friend, crime partner ,wife & everything to me in this world, ur the most precious person I have ever earned in my life , love u suji. entering the 7 th year , more romantic madness continues. neethaney neethaneyy,” he wrote alongside the pictures.

Atlee and Priya got to know each other for eight years before they tied the knot. The couple then got married in 2014.



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