Astrea Launches Experiential Beauty Bar


Astrea has now opened its second experiential Beauty Bar at Palladium, Chennai. After the success of their first outlet at Express Avenue, a need was felt to make the Astrea experience available to customers in other parts of the city. The focus of Astrea is to make natural skincare a part of a daily beauty regimen at a time when people are bombarded with pollution and chemicals all around them.

With over 40 entirely natural products ranging from lip balms to body scrubs, these personal skincare products are a 100% wax-free and zero chemicals. Astrea’s range is all-natural and contains no preservatives at all, due to which their shelf life is only six months.

Astrea is the only skincare brand that makes Customised Face Oil, suitable for individual skin types. It was first introduced as a special offering at a beauty conclave and became an instant favorite with celebrities, influencers, and customers. Astrea’s therapists, after due consultation, blended pure essential oils for each invitee and customer on that day.

Astrea has its amazingly invigorating and affordable range for everyone looking to improve their skincare routine. Ms. Sharon Natarajan is the mind behind these natural products and believes in natural skincare. Astrea has over 2000 satisfied customers.

Astrea has had an impeccable online presence and with higher demands for natural beauty, the first store is opening doors with a ‘Beauty Bar’. Astrea’s Beauty Bar is an experiential store where customers can have an interactive experience through hands-on events like Natural Skincare and Wellness & Health. More unique experiences offered include Fresh Mask Day, Meet the Expert Day, Get a Natural Makeover, and All about Deep Cleansing.



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