Ashvita Bistro – young, fun and all things yum!


The gentle rustle of leaves, curios and merchandise of all kinds peeking out at you through sparkly glass windows, a bright purple wall and the delicious smell of food and freshly baked goodies welcome you at the Ashvita Bistro.

Nestled in a quite corner of Alwarpet, Ashvita Bistro is one of the city’s most hip hangout spots. A must visit according to most Chennaiites, the Bistro offers you a sense of tranquillity and peace away from the noisy traffic and endless work phone calls.

So what will it be? The great outdoors, the English-styled breakfast room or the English-styled pub? The bistro offers not only offers you a diverse menu but also an ambience to suit your mood.

Sruti Hari, owner and proprietor of all things Ashvita says, “the menu is a culmination of all our journeys and food expeditions. My husband Ashvin and me are big foodies. We wanted our menu to have a cosmopolitan feel, something we experienced during our travels.”

The menu ranges from sandwiches, burgers, salads – the usuals, until you land upon the Ashvita speciality mock meat. The bistro caters to a growing a diet-conscious and vegan crowd, giving them with healthy alternatives to meat.

For the less calorie-conscious their caramel cake, Oreo milkshake, pesto and Thai curries are the fastest moving and the most loved. The Thai red curry, recommended, is a symphony of flavours, with just the right amount of spices and a richness from the coconut milk.

The bistro gets our thumbs up.

What will star on your plate?



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