Whistle Futsal


Futsal matches in Chennai took a new turn as the elite diplomatic community came together, contesting against each other in Ascott Premier League. The tournament took place at Whistle Urban Sports in Nungambakkam, which was organized in association with Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Refugee Agency.

Team Korea was declared the champions of Ascott Premier League 2019, and Thailand was runner-up. Eight teams including diplomats from consulates of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, a team of Sri Lankan refugees living in the state, a team of honorary consuls in the city, and a team of Ascott’s guests and staff took part.

Mr. Jakkaphon Lawpatthanakul from Thailand was awarded the ‘Golden Boot Award’ for the maximum number of goals. The objective of the tournament is to promote fitness and camaraderie amongst the diplomatic community in Chennai and to throw light on the plight of the refugees who get uprooted from their homeland due to war.



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