Armani launches Men skin care range


Armani Beauty is launching a new line of environmentally responsible men’s grooming products. A number of beauty brands are releasing natural or organic ranges, most of these are aimed at female clients. Armani Beauty, however, is launching Armani Men, a male skincare product line featuring natural and biodegradable formulations and eco-conscious packaging.

Armani Men will launch with three products: The Face Wash, The Toner, and The Moisturizer Face & Eyes. These three men’s grooming must-haves are notably designed to hydrate and nourish skin while fighting pollution.

The Face Wash ingredients include jojoba and birch bark, as well as a vitality complex, to purify and soften skin while removing pollution. The Toner ingredients include baobab leaf, birch bark and a vitamin cocktail to soothe and moisturize. The Moisturizer Face & Eyes is formulated to fight the signs of age and fatigue.



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