Arjun’s Abhimanyu adjudged as 2nd Best Movie in Karnataka Film Awards 2015


Action King Arjun is known for his versatile acting. He has touched heights in direction department aswell.Mostly his directorial ventures will have a strong message which is most needed for society. He will convey the messages in a way which can be easily understood by  all sections.

Last year he acted and directed Jaihind 2 which is sequel to the Tamil film Jai Hind and it was simultaneously released in Kannada as “Abhimanyu”.This film portrayed the importance of children’s right to education. It did well in box office also got very neat critics for the flawless screenplay and direction.

Recently the juries of Karnataka film awards has awarded “Abhimanyu” (Kannada Version) as the 2nd Best film.Abhimanyu is directed & Produced by Arjun.




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