Are we prepared for a third wave of the deadly virus?


There is already a severe shortage of oxygen and beds across the country

India is facing over 3700 reported deaths on a single day with almost 3.82 lakh cases being reported on a single day. The deadly corona virus has spread to villages and towns alike and is threatening people of all ages. Even with double doses of vaccines, people seem to be getting infected but fatality seems lesser. The severe vaccine shortage, oxygen shortage and lack of hospital beds is overwhelming the health sector.  What is worse is while we are struggling with the second wave, a third wave is expected to occur at any time. “Phase 3 (third wave) is inevitable, given the high levels at which this virus is circulating. But it is not clear at what time scale this Phase 3 will occur,” says Dr K Vijay Raghavan, Government’s scientific advisor.

What can the general public do? Back to basics – wear masks, wash hands regularly, sanitise and maintain social distancing. Do not step out of your homes unless absolutely necessary. The Kerala government recommends wearing double masks for better production. Avoid gatherings of any kind. Stay home. Stay safe.



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