AR Rahman’s Music That Enthralled Us


Happy Birthday ARR!

AR Rahman, India’s foremost musical name resounding across the globe, The Mozart of Madras, Isai-Puyal, Genius, the list goes on! This reluctant music director, in his 28th year of composing film scores has come a long way and one can experience with beats and rhythms. With over 100 masterpieces created by Rahman, this list was an incredibly difficult task to choose and will possibly have our subjectivity based on our inspirations. Here’s the list of best ARR music albums.


This unique grand picture was India’s most expensive film made back in 1998, the second of Shankar-Rahman duo on this list was a blockbuster. With this film, Rahman showed his magic with his romantic numbers and most of the song is shot is fantastic places and is a goosebumps moment for all viewers, so reminiscent!


This vigilante story based on a freedom fighter’s struggle in modern-day India evokes the patriotic brilliance of Rahman and has become the tune for all nationalistic purposes. The movie and the album were a raring hit with the audiences.


Guru is a contemporary masterpiece with an absolute gripping screenplay and score. Rahman yet again aces this album with a fusion of all hit tracks. Based loosely on one of India’s biggest business magnate, Dhirubhai Ambani, essayed by Abhishek Bachchan in his best performance yet, the story transcends India into its various infant stages beautifully with Rahman’s background score and blissful numbers enhancing the viewer’s imagination.


In Kadal we hear the magic of the Rahman waves in this album and was a stellar hit across all age groups. The scenic beauty of the shots was alarmingly beautiful with the tunes of this genius resonating with each one’s feeling to let themselves out on an escapade to the white sand beaches. 


Iruvar talks about Dravidian politics and cinema through the lives of characters based on M.G Ramachandran and M.Karunanidhi. This controversial multi-starrer is a must-watch for the performances, drama, direction and the intensifying background score by Rahman. It is considered to be a musical wonder because of the conglomeration of various styles fused phenomenally by ARR.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

Rahman and Romance are the most desirable combination for audiences experiencing musical bliss overexpression of love. This romantic blockbuster mesmerized audiences through intense drama, love and pain taking each on a ride into their past. The album was an overnight chartbuster with high critical acclaim.


Rahman’s music in this picture stands as an epitome for young lovers to this day, as fresh as its inception. ARR’s prowess is best experienced in the romantic numbers which established R Madhavan as one of south India’s most popular chocolate boys.


This film set in the background of the very sensitive Bombay riots of 1992-1993 between the Hindu and Muslim factions captures the emotion beautifully with Rahman’s background score and tracks melting each viewer. ‘Bombay’s’ soundtrack is hailed to be a masterpiece.


This film marked the entry of the legendary maestro with the soulful music, ARR has since stormed and quaked the earth with his mastery of music for 28 years. The album was a massive hit and it fetched him the prestigious National Award for Best Music Direction.




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