Apple music subscription prices slashed in India


Apple music has slashed its price in India following the price offered by other streaming services such as JioSaavn and Gaana. Apple music will be now be offered at 99 rupees a month when compared earlier to  120 rupees. In India, there are many services that have established a firm stand in the country and have millions of subscribers and users.

Gaana, in particular, has 80 million users which account for half of Indias subscribers. The market in India is called as music’s sleeping giant with the world second largest smartphone market and low data rates that see millions of new people sign up for online services.

Those in India who don’t pay much in comparison to other countries and in recent days are even paying less. All the new entrants in the country’s growing market are creating a race to the bottom to establish  India’s new pecking order in streaming music.



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