Apollo Hospital Presents Reclaim Life A Health Awareness Initiative


Dr. Raj Palaniappan, Director and Surgeon of Apollo Hospitals, Institute of Bariatrics, hosted Reclaim Life, a health and wellness awareness initiative, commentating World Anti-Obesity Day. Focusing on Holistic Health, the evening featured an outstanding interactive session on science behind weight loss followed by conversation with guest panelists Ms. Shiny Surendran (Sports & Weight Loss Nutritionist), Ms. Keerthana Swaminathan (Fitness Psychologist) and Mr. Ajit Shetty (Celebrity Fitness Trainer).

The event perfectly suited the concept with emphasis on scientific approach to obesity by the expert speakers which kept the entire crowd on the edge of their seats with facts and information never heard before. The stunning data put forward by Dr. Raj was an eye opener for all, especially about the body composition comparison Y-Y paradox theory. The icing on the cake was the way the entire event was planning to deliver this strong message in a public-friendly way filled with funny moments and inspiring stories shared throughout the entire evening. This was followed by a stand-up comedy by Dr. Rohini R (ENT Surgeon) who tickled the funny bone further through her real life jokes.



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