Anushka Sharma And Sakshi Dhoni Are School Time Friends


Team India’s current skipper Virat Kohli’s wife and actress Anushka Sharma once studied in the same school and class as the former skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi. Both Anushka and Sakshi were good friends in the school apart from being classmates and their friendship has continued since. From their time in the school in the year 1994 to a long time after that, both have remained friends for a while now.

When Anushka Sharma’s father, Retd. Col. Ajay Kumar Sharma, who is a retired Army officer, was posted in Assam, she went to St. Mary’s School, where Sakshi was also studying. Now after many years, the pictures featuring both Anushka and Sakshi have surfaced on social media.



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