Antwerp’s Brand New Attraction – ‘The Port House’


Antwerp’s latest architectural jewel is the Port House. This funky and innovative building, with roots in the past, is the new headquarters of the Antwerp Port Authority that accommodates over 500 employees. The full city panoramic view is the additional cherry on the topping that this attraction flaunts.

At the Port House, the port of Antwerp’s past and future come together. The bottom part was once a fire station that was on the port’s outside edge. During renovation, this beautiful station was restored to its former glory. There is no clearer symbol of the immense growth of the port of Antwerp.

Havenhuis Antwerpen | Zaha Hadid Architects
Havenhuis Antwerpen | Zaha Hadid Architects

Together with a striking and contemporary superstructure in the shape of a diamond – a monumental design of the famous architect Zaha Hadid Architects – the building makes up the entire Port House. As such, it is a metaphor for the port of the 21st century: a port with a rich history that is ready to face the future head-on.

Situated in ‘The Eilandje,’ a special Antwerp district on the hinge between the city and the port, this impressive structure has put Antwerp back on the world map for its architectural beauty if nothing else.

The best part of this attraction is its guided group tours offering wherein a guide takes you through the history, architectural anecdotes, photographic excellence and so on. Not just that, it is also the new base for extended Indo-Belgian relations.



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