“ANTARANGAM : MURMURS of the Heart” a solo Bharatanatyam presentation by (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find words for.”

It was as a medium of communication, that expressed the intensity of the synergy between body and soul, that (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran explored the delicate aspects of SHRINGARA /LOVE in her solo performance “ANTARANGAM : Murmurs of the Heart”. It showcased sensuousness and how the soft and understated becomes the preferred aesthetic path, for declaring emotion and igniting passion,‎ and in that, her astute understanding of the art of Bharatanatyam, and its efflorescence in abhinaya, or expression.

In “ANTARANGAM : Murmurs of the Heart”, Geeta Chandran was accompanied by Shri Karaikudi Sivakumar – nattuvangam, Smt. Sudha Raghuraman – vocal, Shri M.V. Chander Sekhar – mridangam and Shri G. Raghuraman – flute.


Under the expert tutelage of three masters in abhinaya – Guru Swarna Saraswathi from the traditional devadasi parampara, Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, who revamped Bharatanatyam’s approach to abhinaya and Smt. Jamuna Krishnan who stretched the frontiers of abhinaya to new shores, Geeta Chandran has created a potent amalgam of this vast learning, to craft her own unique style of abhinaya, that envelopes audiences everywhere, and is especially attractive to young rasikas of classical dance.

(Padmashri) Geeta Chandran, a celebrated artist and star-performer has synthesised the knowledge she received from a galaxy of eminent Gurus to imprint Bharatanatyam with her personal vision of the dance, where she skilfully weaves abstract notions of Joy, Beauty, Values, Aspirations, Myth and Spirituality.

A polymath artist, Geeta Chandran is celebrated not only for her deep and composite understanding of the art of Bharatanatyam, but also for her accomplishment as a Carnatic music vocalist, and as a television, video, film, theatre and choreography artiste,‎ while at a deeper level promoting dance education, dance activism and dance-issue journalism and in that catalysing a significant nurturing and awareness creation of India’s cherished Bharatanatyam dance form.


Geeta Chandran as Founder-President of Natya Vriksha and Artistic Director of the Natya Vriksha Dance Company is known for the high aesthetic quality of her group presentations, which showcase her metier as a choreographer.

Author of “So Many Journeys”, an intensely personal collection of her writings narrates her engagement with Bharatanatyam. Her performances by writing influential dance columns in leading publications.

Geeta Chandran enjoys her roles and offers in herself a rare combination of being both a luminary and visionary. A widely respected role model for the younger generation, she guides reputed national cultural institutions and prestigious universities as their Board member, besides serving on the Advisory Boards of several reputed schools and colleges. Moreover, she engages in a wide range of dance-related activities: performing, teaching, conducting, singing, collaborating, organising, writing and speaking to new youth audiences.

Indeed, as Ajahn Chah expressed, “Only one book is worth reading: the heart”. “ANTARANGAM: Murmurs of the Heart” fulfilled its promise to an expectant and enthusiastic audience in its expression of the subtle nuances of a heart in love, an intrinsic part of (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran’s presentation.

Photo credit may please be given to : Sarabjit Dhillon.

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