Annual Cake Mixing Event at Holiday Inn Chennai


Holiday Inn Chennai IT OMR Expressway celebrated ‘Mixing Happiness’ a traditional cake mixing ceremony for Christmas Cake on their Annual Cake Mixing event.

Holiday Inn Chennai IT OMR Expressway unveils the spirit of the festive season with their intoxicating aroma of the Annual Cake Mixing ceremony wafted around.

To set the ceremony off, guests donned hand gloves, aprons, and toques. A variety of exclusive fruits, assorted nuts, raisins, and spices were curated by the team of culinary experts which were soaked in the finest rum, wine, syrups and other alcoholic beverages. The guests were treated with an assorted menu which was specially curated around the theme opted for the occasion.

The mixing event reached a level of high spirits when the combination of the best varieties of dry fruits, flavoured with some premium liquor and syrups led by the Head Chef and his culinary brigade.

The General Manager Mr. Divakar Shukla said on the cake mixing event that “I always say it is the request of the festivity, happiness and prosperity that the gathering also symbolizes unity as many subsequent events such as thanksgiving, Christmas and new year”.

On this occasion Chef Asif Iqbal Executive Chef adds that “It is an opportunity for families and friends to get together. We love to host events where everyone indulges in the fun of mixing harvested fruits in wine or rum that are dried and stored soon after the harvest. The cake mixing ceremony is warming up to the festive holiday season”.

The event was filled with conversations, cheer, laughter, and a delicious buffet to enjoy.



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